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I'd Tattoo your Name on my Heart!

9 November 1903
­I'm not Insane.­­
­Doc says I'm 'Normal'.­
­I­ got papers,­­
­I can prove it.­

Names­ Cayleigh-cha­n,

If you are here, post on my wall. <3­
Oh and if you don't,­
I'll­ send my army of evil ­PANDA's­ after you. XD
­Well, unless you actually want that.­
It would be kinda cool, huh?­

Lets see here...

I would live at the Library if I could.
Panda's­ are­­ LOVE­.­
I don't tan. I burn bad.­
Writing­ fanfiction is my life.­
I write depressing poetry. Woe is me! =(
Without­ my computer, I'd die.­
I'm kick *** at Black Jack. XD
Suck­ at Poker though.­
I can't ever keep a strait face!­
Robert­ Patersons eyebrows give me nightmares,­
Along­ with Sarah Michelle Gellar's nose. ;o

I am sure there are other great and/or odd things about me that I am forgetting. Sorry. Hmm...want to know something, just ask.­